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One of the highest bridges and under construction in a potential hurricane zone.

At first glance it looks strong and beautiful, but have you wondered how tough this new Pumarejo Bridge will be? How well built is it? Knowing what has happened recently with other bridges in the country, will it be true that it is for a lifetime of 100 years?
We say it not with the intention of throwing ground to the project or saladera because it really does not allow for more, if not to be proud of such a beautiful and futuristic work, but there is no way to overlook the cover of poop that they want to do as the cat, wanting to disable (due to design error and silver saving at the time) the old and poorly built bridge that does not reach 50 years of construction and which many postulate for demolition or implosion as if it had done something to them or if In the midst of everything, it would never have served.

The truth is that the new Pumarejo will remain as the work to show the country of the presidential mayor of Arenosa that among other things is quite a showman, Cocacolo and modern, but that does not stop being a media figure who has done good things because for that they chose it for another one is evident the social deterioration of the capital of the Atlantic before the neglect of this and of other burgomasters.

But what you should know is how strong and well designed the work is after seeing how in other opportunities and in the middle of the era of the development of 4G roads and various infrastructures, bridges have fallen as Chirajara or the alleged anomalies in the Hisgaura Bridge and still nobody answers. It is not to sow weeds, but it will be well built this colossal bridge that among other things has been built in record time.
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Will a wind resistance study have been done?
It is no wonder that the new bridge that almost doubles in height to the first Pumarejo is located in an area where diverse currents of air and strong breezes converge or converge, both the marine ones and those coming from other cardinal points. And they are precisely those breezes. of fear due to the gales that periodically appear in the banks of the Magdalena or in nearby towns that do not give to knock down a work of this magnitude but that does not stop worrying about its greater height and therefore greater vulnerability.
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But if it worries a little knowing that each end and beginning of the year, the breezes in the sector, if they are strong and not passing like a gale, could be a threat to the bridge because there are seasons that are really strong that start trees and networks and if we take into account that this bridge is quite heavy and cable-stayed, we must assume that it will be moved by the strong and cold north-east every eve of candles or celebration of the traditional 4 parties.
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But none of this is to be alarmed, it is assumed that there must be studies to counteract the force of the wind something to take into account in any civil work of this size and those involving a lot of height and weight as in this case.

What if you should worry is if our illustrious engineers took into account that at least every 60 or 70 years at least affects our shores a strong hurricane or at least strong collision of one that has taken as a route the southern Caribbean Sea and there if friends start to get scared as these phenomena apart from strong winds produce increases in water flow strengthening the currents and if you do not have a bridge prepared for something unusual we would be before a tragedy and loss and traumatic if it came to occur neither if God wants.
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There is not much left to finish the work and it only remains that at the rhythm of Reggaeton or Champeta, which is the only thing they record now, they make a famous song that identifies the work that will be the new image of Barranquilla as well as the Metropolitan, El Malecón Turístico Magdalena River and the channeling of the streams.
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That is why we call and invite the few traditional music teachers who remain in the Caribbean to compose a song to this new structure or at least name it and see if the new generations that will grow with the bridge will have in your life, a reference or a memory of your city, wherever you are.

As they have been for generation X (born between 1960-1980) masterly musical themes that will go down in history as A Barranquilla from La Dimensión Latina where they explicitly mention the original bridge and others like the version of Los Melódicos De Venezuela your name.


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